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Little blurb on the dwarf-elemental-things...which need a new name.

All of them (except Sea Green) have, if provoked or having set a goal to do something, a ruthless, even vicious streak. The ends may not justify the means, but why bother justifying the means? They are essentially immortal (with the exceptions of Snow White, Star Gold, and Sea Green, who will just be particularly long-lived) and thus consider themselves above Elves, humans, etc, therefore having no qualms about killing or hurting.

Snow White (f) - ...yah
Star Gold (m) - ...also...yah
Sea Green (f) - bright an' cheerful, terrible crush on Star Gold, naive, believes the best of people
Rose Red (f) - Fire--bright and vivacious and lively
Willow Grey (m) - stays in the background, intelligent, calm, with White/Gold forms the strategy of the group
Coal Black (m) - closest to Snow White besides Gold; keeps to the shadows, ironic sense of humor
Sky Blue (m) - Water--can change rapidly and unexpectedly, usually goes with the flow but nasty when opposed
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